We have machines, Let's make a Face-Mask by ourselves!

We have machines, Let's make a Face-Mask by ourselves!

We have machines, Let's make a Face-Mask by ourselves!


In Japan, several local councils are distributing 'How To Make a Face-Mask'.

We picked one, from Minasaka-City council instruction and translated into English.


In Britain, lots of people don't believe wearing a mask helps fight against viruses. If it's true, why Japanese councils are encouraging people to make and wear them... 

The cruise ship Diamond Princess was in bay of Japan in February, 6 weeks later, more than 6000 people died in Italy but number of death in Japan is still 41 (by 22/3/2020). 

In Japan in winter, lots of people wear a mask (it's a bit too much, in fact), and especially after this coronavirus outbreak everyone is wearing a mask outside now. Do you still think the mask does not work for viruses?

Authorities in Britain don't say to people to wear a mask and even say 'it won't work', that's probably because if they admit and encourage, people will go mad and try buy all the masks, like they did at the supermarkets for toilet rolls etc, i.e. more important people at front-line who need the masks won't be able get it as PPE are already in short supply. 

Let's make a home-made face-mask             

Here's the advanced version: 

Should you wish to have patterns for this version, please let us know!




  • Angela Turner: July 13, 2020
    Could you kindly send me the pattern for the advanced pleated mask.

    I have been invited in making and supplying the visor masks .
    We have made by hand and delivered over 30,00 masks free all over the country to hospitals, surgeries anywhere and anyone in need .
    A group was set up called Norfolk scrubs who made scrubs for the acute hospital staff as they did not receive all their government issue .
    We also have a face mask group of over 150 seers making material ones for free.
    Your pattern is another great one as some are novice sewers and others are more experienced.
    Grateful Thanks Angela💙😷🌈🌈

  • Charlotte: May 28, 2020

    Hey! These patterns are a great help thank you. X

  • MT: March 19, 2020

    I would love the pattern for the advanced one!

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