Thank you for visiting my website, I’m Yuki.


I used to work for Toyota Home Sewing, a.k.a. Aisin Europe.

I worked for Toyota home-sewing.com website, established the website for all their European branches, and ran it for 10 years.
However, since the company moved the Sewing Machine Parts Department from UK to Europe, I had a big dilemma,
i.e. we could no longer offer good services for the UK customers.

So, here I am, left Toyota Home Sewing now, and free to supply the same quality products with good services for Toyota Sewing machines’ and other sewing machine owners.


Did you know the founder of Toyota motors Mr Toyoda actually made sewing machines before he started making cars?
Toyota Home Sewing, a.k.a. Aisin is one of the main car parts manufacturers for Toyota and other brands’ vehicles, and as the car parts have to be the best durable quality and precise for the motors safety, the same applies for the sewing machines, i.e. they produced and approved sewing machines and it’s parts at the same best standard as the car parts.
That’s why I can guarantee the quality of the products I offer from this website.


These quality accessories are suitable for almost all other sewing machines other than Toyota brand machines too.
So, why didn’t Toyota home-sewing offer the parts to other sewing machine owners?
It’s because, as a brand, they don’t test on other machines other than Toyota machines so cannot guarantee when it used for other brand machines,
even though they know it works for others too.


I provide;  ‘Free and easy return’!  (*except needles)

When you buy anything but needles from my website and if it doesn’t fit, doesn’t work or for any other reasons, I accept all the returns for free.

I want all the sewing machines’ owners to try the Toyota brand quality products.


All the packing materials I use are recyclable materials, and I try not to use plastics. I care for the environment.


Please feel free to contact me with your feedback, suggestions or requests,
and I hope your shopping experience from this website is a good one for you.


Yours faithfully,


Yuki Shimahara x

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