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How to make an Advanced Face Mask (with Pleats)

Posted on March 31 2020

How to make an Advanced Face Mask (with Pleats)


Here are patterns for the Advanced Face Mask, i.e. Pleated Face Mask.


This mask is based on the masks available on the market at pharmacies.

How to make Pleated Face Mask 


When I said to my friend in Far East
"I posted on Sewing Bee Fan's page on FB that I made a face-mask by myself, I received comments like
'A poor woman who believes a mask works for viruses',
'I cannot be bothered to wash the mask every 20 minutes!'
(does she chuck the disposable masks every 20 minutes?),
'A waste of time'...,
I was hurt and petrified, so deleted my post immediately and left the group",
then she said
"Ahh, we know a mask doesn't block viruses, but put on a mask as an etiquette to others.
It blocks sneezing, coughing and spit when talking."


How to make a Pleated Face-mask

【 Things you need 】
・Double gauze cotton fabric
   (or you can use a piece of linen, handkerchief, etc.)
・2 x Elastic code tapes, approx 18cm each
   (for an average adult woman, for men, probably need longer tapes. Please adjust the size accordingly.)

1. Use our patterns:

Cut out the fabric and mark the lines (folding guide lines) on wrong-side.
* We used patterned cotton handkerchief for the front and gauze handkerchief for the back lining.


2. A & B, right-side in / wrong-side out, sew the bottom together, 1cm in.


3. Fold the fabric on lines, make the pleats with an iron.


4. The right-sides out, fold in the top and sew.

How to make a pleated face mask  

5. Fold in the both sides and sew.

How to make a face mask  

6. Attach the elastic codes 

 How to make a pleated face mask  How to make a pleated face mask How to make a pleated face mask How to make a pleated face mask

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